Simplified Cloud Solutions

Pcit uses cloud solutions that deliver on business objectives (With no storm clouds included)

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The pcit private cloud solution eliminates application development for mobile devices and increases responsiveness and security.
Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud infrastructure marries the private and public cloud infrastructures to scale a secure cloud solution.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

A public cloud can transparently add on-demand computing and storage infrastructure.
Cloud Security

Cloud Security

A cloud infrastructure is just as vulnerable as a physical data center, unless security and compliance measures have been put in place.

Chief Information Officer Services

Companies are now realizing that their technology strategy and business strategy are really the same thing

Accenture 2015

Your Data – Secured and Backed up. Always

Technology and Validation

The most common causes of backup failure occur at the human level. A flaw in the product used, the methodology or the backup equipment used to support the data being backed can all lead to an invisible corruption.

PCIT DataSafe backup

Onsite local backup for fast restoration, Cloud backup delivery for offsite protection, encryption so it is secure and human validation are all part of our solution.

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Evaluate More than the Technology

  • Is the cloud solution likely to stay in business the next 12 months?
  • Does the cloud portion meet security and compliance best practices?
  • Is it priced at level that is competitive yet not too low where they will likely fail to deliver on the product claims?
  • Will the backend administration time to manage billing and agreements cost a lot more than expected?
  • How highly is this solution rated in the marketplace by peers and independent studies?

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