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February 13, 2017
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An amazing world of insights

The last 6 months have been an amazing trajectory of growth and insight within pcit. Much of this growth has spilled over to how pcit serves it’s customers today.

One of the foundational pieces that laid the framework for this change was reviewing the book “Seeing What Others Don’t – the remarkable ways we gain insights” by Gary Klein. Originally recommended because of an interview by the investment company Hedgeye I bought the book.

One of the foundational pieces from this book was the observation that performance improvements come from both reducing errors AND improving insights. The author uses his conclusions to illustrate how all too often organizations focus too much of their energy on reducing errors. Reducing errors is important and often good reviews result in a long list of performance improvements. The challenge in 2017 is that technology and change is so disruptive it becomes all too easy to improve and enhance an aspect of customer service that has marginal impact. Even more challenging is watching a culture that becomes too focused on error reduction at the expense of insight development. Our team at pcit has delivered some operational results for our customers I am very proud of. However, if we face our traditional approaches to service delivery it becomes apparent we could be focused even more on the insight side of the equation.

Here are three ways we have implemented the lessons contained within this book.
A) Made the insights around performance improvement part of our mental framework section of our knowledge base. Every new pcit staff member and current staff can review these frameworks as an aid to improve their actions within pcit. These frameworks are foundational points of view that are meant to assist everyone in understanding why we do what we do.
B) Made Insight development part of the monthly staff performance summary. This to date has been much harder to implement than expected. Currently I am going to have the assistance of each staff member complete this section at the end of each calendar month.
C) Made the value of insights much more part of our everyday conversation and objectives. This has really opened up the door to many creative viewpoints. It has led us to interview drone manufacturers at their factory in California, to increase our peer group membership within the Information Technology Industry, and to become much more active within high growth areas of the technology industry.

As the volume and pace of change in our world increases I believe having a structured process is important. Our objective is to encourage talented people to develop insights to continue to create value for our customers.  We also started hanging this formula on our office walls as a reminder of the source of future performance improvements.

Balance of insights and error reduction

Performance Improvement Formula

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