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March 30, 2017
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I don’t mean get out your fired. Neither do I mean get out and go for a walk thru nature. I mean to repeat the lesson on the first page on my new Hardcover copy of ‘The Startup Owner’s Manual’. There it says one sentence.


“Get out of the Building!”

For those not familiar with the lean startup movement it is likely not apparent what this means. In short it means get out of the office and see customers. Another way I read this same directive were the words “There are no facts that exist inside your office.” This was especially referring to a new start up who may be building on top of a great idea yet without validation from real customers. So what would this mean to PCIT and our customers – ‘Get out of the building!’? Recently we asked our customers what kind of information they would be most interested in. There were 5 choices. Each choice came with a header and some introductory comments. We were asking business owners and managers for their input. As you read the list below can you guess which one was the most popular?
Idea #1 – Introduce tools that show customers how to manage passwords
Password management, single sign on and even mobile device management solutions are becoming very cost effective, very secure and very helpful. We think now is the time to move this type of solution to the radar of our customers Technology Leverage reviews.

Idea #2 – Compare Use cases of tablets, Mobile phones, PC
Compare Apple laptop and data, Surface Pro data, Lenovo Yoga and more. The Globe and Mail had a great article showing iPad sales as slow as 2011 the year they were introduced. This provides validation of what real customers are really doing.

Idea #3 – Compare Cloud based file sharing options
Can SharePoint online and OneDrive catch up to Box and Dropbox?
Is it worth it for organizations to get the automation benefits and or simplicity benefits from a cloud based file sharing service?

Idea #4 – Share what we have learned about workflows and process management
Introduce tools such as Asana, Trello boards, Jira+Confluence and compare to traditional tools like SharePoint projects and SharePoint tasks (yuck) or worse yet Outlook tasks (really yucky)
Getting work done and working together is improving at a very rapid rate.

Idea #5 – CRM and Marketing Solutions offer much more value than ever before
After using CRM platforms for years, training others on them and getting a lot of success in the past with these initiatives we could review some of the solutions we think are the most amazing. There are so many capabilities that can be leveraged for great results it is a very interesting field right now. A lot of them are even free.

An overwhelming number of recipients choose #4 – Workflows and process management. This received 64% of the votes. Voters usually responded promptly and with enthusiasm. The next closest category got a mere 32%. Only 1 category #2 Compare tablets, laptops and mobile phone use cases had zero votes.
I believed at the time of the survey we had industry knowledge and insights that were substantial in relation to each option. We were of the opinion that every category could provide sizeable returns in the investment of our clients time and even more return on where they were putting their budget dollars. What I would not have guessed is what was the most interesting and valuable of these five options to our clients. After sharing some of the insights we have put together regarding workflows, project management and process management I believe our clients engagement level has kept increasing since that first vote.
We would have never guessed these results sitting inside our office. A quick suggestion to friends in the IT space is try doing the same.

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