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April 24, 2017
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June 19, 2017
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Measuring uptime and malware monthly

Measuring uptime and malware monthly

Below are highlights from April of what our customer’s operational results have been.

It seems from our perspective when we started collecting and sharing this data our clients became even more involved in helping protect their data and network security. I hope by posting our results we can leverage an even higher level of involvement and sharing of best practices.

Uptime Results
Globally as a company our customers experienced 99.93% uptime across all the systems we review.
94.4 % of our customers experienced 100% uptime in April across all systems.
99.80% of all customer managed computers and servers operated in April without any malware or virus incidents.

Recommended takeaways from incidents in April
Malware – Security Breaches – One very sharp user noticed his pc acting funny after he had went to a normal business website. He quickly unplugged the network cable and called us. PCIT did find malware installed but it had done no damage to company data or had installed anything further. This was dealt with in under 2 hours partly because of his fast action.

Clifford at our office has also been working on a malware prevention training knowledge base for our clients. Let us know if you would like access to this information to include in any monthly security awareness training.

Uptime – For most clients PCIT delivers virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services. This includes long term technology budget and plans. Examining the downtime in April on an incident by incident basis I see where we have been a little complacent in highlighting potential risks as our clients vCIO. The most severe client downtime in April was an equipment failure that had been highlighted for over 1 year as a risk. Not wanting to impact our clients budgets too much in a recessionary year last year in 2016 we had been downplaying this risk though it was identified as a potential source of failure. This turned out to be very disruptive in 2017 at a time when business volume had picked up considerably.

Uptime #2 – We would like to get confirmation from our site contacts anytime they feel there has been downtime. Sometimes applications break but the client is dealing with the vendor and we don’t clearly measure those incidences. By communicating more often and more clearly client downtime we hope to get accurate numbers and then make steady improvements on any results that aren’t matching the organization’s needs. April as whole feels like a month where our clients results were well below what I would like.

We welcome your feedback and perspective.

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