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May – Uptime Report – All Clients
June 19, 2017
Our perfect office-someday
July – Uptime Results – All Clients
October 24, 2017
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June – Uptime Report – All Clients

Here are the results PCIT delivered for our customers in June 2017 in regards to network uptime and security.

Globally as a company our customers experienced 99.97% uptime across all IT systems.
88.24% of our customers experienced 100% uptime in June.

And best of all there were ZERO breaches in network security. After a very humiliating May that was the worst month by far since we started measuring it is nice to get back to ‘normal’.

Lessons learned in June
Mark at our office has been making a point of sharing the patch quality with each customer of their systems on every visit. He also includes a report that shows how current the antivirus systems are on each computer. While these aren’t the only means of defense I believe this open reporting has helped keep everyone at PCIT more accountable for quality results.

I just read today that the largest ransomware paid to date in Canada is $425,000. Wow. Not a single customer of PCIT has had to pay a ransom though we can say we have seen backups destroyed just like this customer experienced. This is what building multiple points of confirmation and protection helps prevent.

We also believe sharing our results openly helps keep us accountable to our clients for the things that really matters. Technology in itself doesn’t really matter. What our clients tell us they care about is that their systems work when they need them and that their data is protected.

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