Our perfect office-someday
June – Uptime Report – All Clients
July 27, 2017
Our perfect office-someday
Sept – 99.99% Uptime – All clients!
November 7, 2017
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Here are the results PCIT delivered for our customers in July 2017.  The results below measure network uptime and network security.

Globally as a company our customers experienced 99.73% uptime across all IT systems.
However, only 70% of our customers experienced 100% uptime in July.  This was low and much below our expectations.

Across our client base there was a single malware breach in network security. Fortunately the malware was removed within the hour and subsequent follow up confirmed there were no further effects.

Lessons learned in July (LOTS)

Summer in the Peace River country often means construction.  Construction can result in severed fibre lines.   July 2017 was no different with Valleyview clients experiencing a major disruption on the 25th with over 5 hours of downtime.

Even worse was an internet provider who had a really problematic service quality issue for several weeks in Peace River.  The effect this had on our client was severe.  After several attempts at a resolution we recommended the client switch to Telus Pure Fibre.  Not only did the issue instantly resolved itself the client experienced lower latency and improved bandwidth.

On premise Microsoft Exchange sites also were a large factor in client downtime in July.  In one instance the Exchange services did not come up properly after a server maintenance reboot.  PCIT automation tools should have solved this problem but didn’t.  Very frustrating.

We also had an ISP unexpectedly change a clients external IP address.  Perhaps change was the result of a clients request, we aren’t sure, but the net effect was disruption on a major scale.  Neither PCIT or the client was having fun when the clients incoming email went down.

On premise Exchange has several single points of failure for most client environments.  On this basis we believe strongly that environments that can’t afford layers of redundancy (under 100 users) should use a service like Office 365.  There are less points of failure.

I used to be very proud that PCIT customers had better Exchange uptime than Microsoft Exchange Online over any 6 month period.  This was consistent for a couple years or longer.  Now it is no longer the case.  If Microsoft was a competitor and we compared uptime unfortunately we would be pretty red faced in this area.  Fortunately we are partners not competitors.  Instead of squashing us like a bug we hope to be alive when the Redmond giant leaves footprints.

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