Our perfect office-someday
Sept – 99.99% Uptime – All clients!
November 7, 2017
Our perfect office-someday
Oct – 99.93% Uptime – All clients!
November 7, 2017
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August-No holidays-too much malware and downtime

August had events that will linger in the memories of PCIT staff, and unfortunately a few clients, for a while.

Globally as a company our customers experienced 99.82% uptime across all IT systems.
However, only 58.82% of our customers experienced 100% uptime in August.  We thought July was rough.  August was worse.

In July we had a single non-issue malware event.  August, we had two clients get hit very bad and one client with a minor non-issue type outcome.  I believe very bad for us doesn’t mean data was lost or services were down for long periods of time like it can mean for others.  Very bad for some means paying ransom ware.  That didn’t happen either.  What bad does mean is that people were inconvenienced.  Our customers in this case.  The ones we want to protect and keep things running great for.

Lessons learned in August – Beware the Boss

After all of the work was finished and (most) of the shouting at our office was over we realized a couple important things.

The first big insight came by noticing company owners and management were the #1 reason why our clients had been impacted this month.  The security systems were all functioning fine.  The staff were being conscientious and had not been the cause of any concern.  But in two cases the owners had done a couple slight ‘over rides’ against our best practices.

‘Over rides’ turned into hours and hours of clean up, written reports, and then meetings to explain what happened.  Managers and owners should take note.  After doing some research back over the last two years we found that the bulk of security breaches at our clients’ offices could be traced back to managements actions.  Very surprising…..