Our perfect office-someday
Oct – 99.93% Uptime – All clients!
November 7, 2017
Our perfect office-someday
99.99% Uptime – All Clients! Dec 2017
January 3, 2018
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Nov – 99.95% Uptime – All Clients

November our clients’ systems were running efficiently and overall uptime results for our clients were good. 94.50% of our clients had 100% uptime across all of their IT systems. This includes electrical power, internet services, cloud applications and most things in between. Thanks to all the utility companies and internet providers for delivering smooth systems in November in the Grande Prairie region and beyond….

Lessons Learned in November

Little things, that can easily go unnoticed, quickly cause terrible results when it comes to IT. Our results would have been 99.99% uptime except we found there was a critical flaw in our backup software. It’s never good to find critical flaws in backup software. In this case the flaw meant PCIT had to restore operations from our remote backup versus the local backup.
Now that we’ve found this vulnerability (message me privately if you want to know what it is) we have to find a creative solution to strengthen our defenses. Fortunately, with Clifford and Henry daily looking at all backup issues we have two people who are true professionals and that really care. This is a crucial lesson for backup and data protection is complex. Everyone who relies on data backup should know there are at least two people who are overseeing the systems and making sure they will be reliable when called upon

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