Our perfect office-someday
99.99% Uptime – All Clients! Dec 2017
January 3, 2018
Our perfect office-someday
99.99% Uptime in Feb for our Clients systems-Let’s Celebrate!
May 1, 2018
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99.94% uptime All systems All clients in Jan!

Our perfect office-someday

Everything is calm like this picture when our uptime is good. We can’t show the picture when uptime isn’t good.

99.94% uptime is our client average in January 2018 for all of their critical IT Systems. Even better, almost all clients had 100% uptime for all IT systems.

How did we do it?

Getting great uptime for all systems is a combination of sufficient budget, optimization, and good technology choices. Several of our clients who are progressive get 100% uptime month in and month out for all critical IT systems. This takes good judgement, accountability and sufficient budget.

Cutting any of these items short is going to lead to downtime. For example, we can optimize everything about some 6 year old equipment but the probabilities keep increasing with every passing day old junk is going to cause work to stop somewhere somehow. Yet budget isn’t enough. Surprisingly neither are brains. Brains don’t keep a system optimized. Plain old hard work and accountability do better than brains many times.

Even more difficult to ensure is choosing the right technology platform and software. Too many professionals fall in love with a vendor and that vendor is great for the IT guy but terrible for the business. Sometimes the other shoe falls and the management want some technology that is going to cause PAIN from a support or operations perspective.

Balancing all three of these correctly is a great way to keep uptime levels high.

Why didn’t we get 100% for everybody?

One reason we weren’t at 100% is because someone near one of our clients hit a power pole. In fact it was one of their own staff members! Power outage was a couple hours. People don’t usually hit their power pole but this wrecked the chance for 100%.

We also had one client get malware on a Remote Desktop Server. That client went from 100% uptime to 96.59% because it took us 6 hours to restore that server from a backup.

Here’s what’s important for every reader to know. it’s ONLY management (the Boss) that uses this remote access server. ‘Beware the boss’ I say sometimes. This is true because not only can the Boss fire IT guys but they can also override every security system usually in a couple clicks or less. The boss is also a much bigger target than most employees.

This was the first security breach ANY CLIENT had in 3 months and it was likely due to a boss. Bosses out there – be careful. For a hacker you have a really big target on your back. You have access to systems, money and data that they can hijack, ransom or resell. If we were in the days of pirates you’d be like the big slow rich merchant ship filled with gold every pirate would like to pick off on the open seas.

If an IT company, or organization wants to compare their results we’d welcome the opportunity to share our results and be accountable together. I believe in the end it will help us all get better.