Our perfect office-someday
99.94% uptime All systems All clients in Jan!
February 8, 2018
Our perfect office-someday
99.90% Uptime in Mar – 92% Clients had 100% uptime
May 1, 2018
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99.99% Uptime in Feb for our Clients systems-Let’s Celebrate!

Our perfect office-someday

Everything is calm like this picture when our uptime is good. We can’t show the picture when uptime isn’t good.

99.99% uptime should be cause to celebrate but yet we were SOOOO close to 100% uptime. The perfect track record was marred Feb 26. One client had a power failure causing some servers to go offline and not come back up properly. Without that power bump or spike or whatever it was every client would have had 100% uptime for all major systems during business hours in Feb 2018.

By measuring our clients uptime it gives us a way to communicate if our efforts to provide great IT support, technology recommendations and network security is working. We like to be very transparent with these uptime results as it will help all of us be accountable and get better.

So in this case it is a MAJOR priority to get this welding shop that did have 30 minutes of downtime protected against further disruptions. Their new UPS system for the servers was supposed to prevent against this kind of disruption. Where and why there is a cause of failure we plan on proactively investigating and resolving.