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December 18, 2018
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February 8, 2019
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Perfect 100% Uptime for December

uptime percentages are in the high 90s. Great uptime rates are 99% and above. And 100%? Well, there’s really only one word for that – perfect.


It’s true, all our clients had 100% uptime for all their systems in the month of December.


With everything that goes into IT support, it’s a big deal to hit this number – we manage 70 servers and over 500 customer staff members.

What goes into hitting such a perfect uptime result? Well, we believe it goes back to changing the way our clients see their IT Services. You see, most clients think their IT is going fine if, when they have an issue, they have someone they can call who is smart and can fix their problem. And that’s a good thing to have.

But we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We want your IT services to be so good that you don’t even have to pick up the phone in the first place, because everything is already running the way it should. That’s reliability – and it’s what we do best.

Why does that matter to you? Because your job is to manage costs, to drive revenue, to grow your business. If your systems come to a standstill, none of that happens. Nothing happens, actually – except frustrated employees and lost time and money. Our reliable IT Support lets you focus on your job. Because we believe that the best IT Support is the kind you rarely even have to think about – because it’s just always working.

And that’s just what 100% uptime means – that for all our customers, all month, their systems were always working. Simple as that.

Wouldn’t you love to not think about your IT Support very much? Give us a call.