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February 8, 2019
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99.97% – What Goes Into Almost Perfect Uptime?

99.97% uptime in Jan 2019
for all clients IT systems

In January, our clients had 99.97% uptime. That’s pretty darn close to our perfect 100% number last month. So you may be wondering where that little three-hundredths of a percentage goes – and this month, we’re going to explore that.

First of all, that uptime number is for all of our clients as a whole, which means that the vast majority of our customers had no downtime at all. In fact, in January, we only had two customers that experienced any downtime.

One had 4 hours of downtime because SharePoint (an online platform run by Microsoft Office) was down. This, of course, was a problem that originated from Microsoft, but we worked hard and quickly to find a workaround that would help them get access to everything they needed as quickly as possible.

The other client only experienced about 45 minutes of downtime because of a power failure that outlasted the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that we have in place for just such an occasion.

The take away from both of these cases is that neither was a circumstance that we were directly responsible for. They both happened due to forces (or companies) outside our control. All of our systems worked exactly as they were supposed to 100% of the time.

So why don’t we just chalk these up to “not our fault” and go ahead and claim 100% uptime? It’s a reasonable question, and we certainly could do this, and it would be completely justified.

But that’s not how we work. At PCIT, we know that any downtime affects your day, not just the issues we’re responsible for. We’re not in the business of assigning blame and walking away from something that’s “not our problem”.

We’re here to support you. Really support you. Which means that if something goes wrong with your systems, even if it’s not our fault, we’ll help you find a fix.

It’s responsible, over the top, completely transparent IT support, and it’s just what we do around here.