99.97% – What Goes Into Almost Perfect Uptime?
February 26, 2019
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Our goal is always 100% uptime, even though it’s difficult to achieve (though possible – we did it in December!), and even though it’s above the industry standard. But we’re different. We’re not satisfied with “good enough” uptime, and it shows in everything we do for our clients.

So what were February’s number? Well, we were so close. Let me explain how very, very close we were to perfection in February 2019.

Up until the last day of the month, we were sitting at 100% uptime. All month. It was fantastic, and we were so pumped. And then, on the last day of the month, at 1:00 in the afternoon, one client had SharepointOnline (part of Microsoft Office) go down on them. It’s not a service we manage, but we scrambled to find a fix for them, and were able to limit the downtime to 2 hours.

And that’s it. All our others clients experienced 100% uptime all month long without a single glitch.

We’re really proud of that, and of our team for everything they do, every day, to go the extra mile for each of our clients.

And as always, we’ll shoot for 100% again next month, and every month after that.

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