Experienced – Budget Conscious – Accountable

Get results from technology with while we focus on delivering a great staff experience

Support in house staff or outsource all technology delivery.

PCIT balances the difficult choices between proactive support work needed and reactive support skillsets by using a team approach. The technology field is vast and fast paced. To place the entire burden of great results on one person means all the planning, budgeting, reporting, securing, optimizing, user satisfaction and problem solving is left to a general practitioner. Most often this is asking too much and the organization is impacted in ways it doesn’t even see.

By breaking all of these delivery areas down to more manageable pieces and being accountable together pcit’s Tec70 delivery model aim’s to ensure all delivery areas are kept in accordance with best practices.

Our relationship with internal technology resources can be very positive. We bear the risk for critical support delivery, after hours contact, optimization, budget accountability and more. Internal staff are freed up to deliver the most strategic value.

Dedicated Resources

A relationship with pcit means several staff will be onsite to meet your staff, solve problems, learn your technology systems and more. A PCIT support team is behind our onsite resources to help keep proactive service delivery in place and optimize your environment.

  • Support staff available 8am – 5m who know IT, know your operations, and have experience with other environments
  • Dedicated Network Administrator’s who work side by side with in house resources or staff to solve the biggest challenges
  • Optimization resources and dedicated staff responsible for data security. No one is ever ‘too busy’ to look at that backup.
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer services who can be accountable to the management team for results and staying on budget.

To schedule a meeting, contact your PCIT Representative at 1-866-933-7248.