Medical Offices – Healthier and Faster

Given the right care your office can run like a young healthy patient. Healthier than expected.

Doctors and Office Managers can depend on running their clinic on cloud with no extra cost. Having this option keeps costs down without sacrificing efficiency. Truth is, Doctors and Office Managers often don’t know how much better their world could be.

Get the optimal return on your technology budget

How to optimize for a busy medical office.

PCIT balances the difficult choices between proactive support work needed and reactive support skillsets by using a team approach. The field is vast and fast paced.

To place the entire burden of planning, budgeting, reporting, securing, optimizing, user satisfaction and problem solving to a general practitioner is often asking too much.

By breaking all of these delivery areas down to more manageable pieces and being accountable together pcit’s Tec70 delivery model aim’s to ensure all delivery areas are kept in accordance with best practices.

Dedicated Resources – Organized and Efficiently Delivered

  • Support staff available 8am – 5m who know IT, know your operations, and have experience with other environments
  • Dedicated Network Administrator’s who work onsite to solve the biggest productivity challenges and optimize technology delivery
  • Dedicated staff responsible for data security. No one is ever ‘too busy’ to look at that backup
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer services who can be accountable to the partners for results and staying on budget

To schedule a meeting, contact your PCIT Representative at 1-866-933-7248.