Retail Experience

Keep staff and customers productive while technology does the work.

Some of our key deliverables to help get the maximum return on your technology budget

Eliminate Single Points of Failure – Risk Management

All too often we have seen the cost management that is needed in retail operations create a large amount of risk exposure. Often this risk exposure gets transferred to the vendors. However, if the risk is severe enough the real cost is bore by the business itself and not the vendor.

We believe there is a better way. If executives know their risk exposure in advance they can make better decisions.


Whether it is your business uptime, staff satisfaction with technology, security of the environment, or productivity levels we want to be accountable for the partnership with our retail clients to work.

We also strive to be accountable for the technology budget forecasts and project delivery. Our regular summary reports places this accountability in the hands of the Executive team.

Onsite Network Administration

Keeping a positive relationship with your staff and helping ensure they like how their technology works is part of our onsite Network Administration. We don’t believe this works from the other end of a remote connection. This service is designed to eliminate times when a remote connection is needed.

Operational excellence

Some of the ongoing deliverables provided to our site contacts or customers executive team.

  • Asset Management services. Good asset data leads to informed decisions that save you money. Take inventory of all of the hardware and software assets within your retail stores.
  • Customer Care – Business hours and after hours. First call resolution, responsiveness in fast paced environments and a great end user experience are all part of our focus in ensuring retail operations can keep customer service levels high.
  • Data backup and Disaster Recovery deliverables. Engineered to restore operations quickly.
  • Deployment and standardization services. Keep frontline staff and their technology consistent and proven.

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