Business Process Improvements = Do More With Less

PCIT staff has the capability to automate, simplify and streamline business workflow.

Our Insight - Productivity increases when we look at workflows and technology

A company’s investment in technology is only as good as it’s team utilising it. PCIT has seen many times where a new software and hardware is in place but the people are doing work like it’s 1999 not 2016.

By documenting current workflows and then using automation approaches work that used to take days can be done in hours.

Proven Strategies

PCIT analysts know where to look for the quickest payback in optimizing workflows. Here are some of the high value areas we have assisted with in the past.

  • Paperless Office implementation - hours and hours of manual work saved/yr
  • Automation of expense entry $20-50k/yr Operating exp reduction
  • Automatic invoice creation - same day invoicing = shortened AR period by weeks
  • Automated workflows - freeing up key staff hours every week
  • Elimination of manual data entry - up to 10 hours saved per week per staff

Ongoing Refinement

Times change, objectives change, technology changes. There is a way to keep up.

  • Consistent reviews (typically quarterly) of the key business metrics.
  • Ongoing observation and documentation of key work processes.
  • Executive overview of new automation developments and their potential impact.

Examples of clients saving time and money.

A Sales Manager was sitting one day and commented “I’d like to see someone copy and paste faster.” He was building his sales reports in Excel and had it down to as quick as that mouse would spin. Except it could be done in less than ½ the time if he stopped using the mouse and learned a few quick keyboard shortcuts. It could be done in ½ the time again if he had 2 monitors. 4 extra hours every week to spend with customers and the sales staff were now available.

The Sales Manager copying and pasting was a small case compared to the Vice President who spent 20 hours every week creating, emailing and commenting on executive reports. The same reports could be scheduled, generated and emailed in less than 1 hour. Time saved over 12 months was not just 52*20. There were two other VP’s doing the same thing!

A star legal assistant commented she was behind saving 700 emails to the clients folders after doing some cross training. These emails needed to be saved so the lawyer could source any email related to the case. Combined across several assistants the volume of email organization was adding up to 5 hours per assistant each and every week. When pcit assisted in this process the assistants and the lawyers got back a lot of billeable time.

Another client asked us to look at the document management system. The problem was no staff really knew how to use it. The vendor who installed the system was told on the phone by the system rep they didn’t know how to use the product. With the client on the phone! Meanwhile the client has invested thousands into this software and was drawing almost no benefit from it. In fact, the system was a nuisance for the client when it should have been a great time saver.

We have one Network Administrator on staff who almost loses sleep at night when he sees staff print an invoice, scan that invoice, email it to themselves, insert comments and then email it to the client. He knows, and most people at pcit know, there is a much better way.

Sometimes automation benefits are small and don’t directly change net revenue or lower costs in themselves. Over time of course they can start to add up to recognizeable benefits when stacked one on top of another.

Business Optimization is a key part of the value pcit provides to our clients and is provided on an ongoing basis for all Operational Excellence clients.

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