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How can one IT team cut network security and network support issues in half?

Read below how PCIT clients leverage a productivity driver that has been overlooked and ignored by the majority of executives and IT professionals.

Most organizations readily accept ‘good enough’ especially when good enough is the lowest cost option. If staff aren’t complaining or frustrated about technology things can appear to be running fine. This would seem to make sense for if everyone could do their job what more should management want? After study and research we are pretty comfortable the real world idea of good enough ends up being around 1 to 1.5 requests per user month. Put another way most users, analysts, and executive leadership seem to think it is okay for every staff member to need IT support once or even twice per month.

Our results are different. We believe a request from each user can be lowered to a single request every two months, three months or in some cases even every four months. For our customers this could mean that each end user we support is spending as little as 25% of the time on technology related issues as their competitor or what an outside consultant would consider normal. So in some cases we estimate our clients competitors are having FOUR times the amount of support related issues. Four times the issues multiplied by all the staff that interact with technology starts to add up to a significant difference. What on the surface looks like 'good enough' could be very expensive.

What if one organization bought the hot technologies and had 2-3 times the number of issues arise as their competitor? Both organizations may be effective but the better operator could win business at key times. Especially if all those requests for the 'good enough' competitor start to arise at the time of key deadlines or heavy workloads.

We believe lowering support issues and lowering risk exposure should be on every operational executive’s radar. The difference in the organization’s level of productivity, risk level and overall staff satisfaction with technology can be sizeable. As technology becomes more and more pervasive across so many job roles the benefits from this focus should only increase with time.

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