Protecting Data to make sure it is always available is Job #1

People + Great Technology + Process = Backup Success

PCIT Data Safe Backup Service
Ensure all the gaps between your intentions and the solution are delivered

One of the best lessons ever learned about backup came from Myles, CEO of Spade Technology near Boston MA. I was asking him what it was like to compete against the biggest technology support provider in the world day in and day out. The competitor had VC backing and they seemed to be consuming any competitive threat as they marched across America.

Myles surprised me by saying he wasn’t worried in the least. Recently he had just won a large agreement from a biotech company. Originally this company had chosen the larger provider as on the surface they appeared to have deeper resources, more products to offer and seemed to match the biotech’s ability to scale the business.

The actual results however were different. The competitor had put together a large monthly support agreement that included the best backup technologies. In fact, it was the same backup technology Myles used, pcit used, and anyone who knew the IT industry well was using.

One day the client called to get their database restored and the technology provider had an ‘oh oh’ moment. Lot’s of data was being backed up except this one Oracle database was on a server where NO backup at all was taking place. This 'server' had been slightly ‘different’ and it was missed. It wasn’t long after that Spade Technology was the new support provider.

The key lesson is that just having perfect backups with a cloud location, data encryption, and more is not enough. Backup is complex and the human process behind this key deliverable is the most important part of being able to look clients in the eye and say 'I’ve got you covered'.

In meeting new customers the amount of gaps that existed between what they wanted for data protection and what they were getting has been large so many times.

Since that lesson every client backup at pcit has two people who confirm it’s operation on an ongoing basis. The primary caretaker knows that his first priority each and every day is make sure the local and offsite backup is working. Next comes the onsite review. Our Onsite Network Administrator’s role is to gauge that the primary caretaker isn’t missing anything. Two resources in the end keep our customer’s data safe. The risk to our customer’s operation and our reputation is too great otherwise.

I’ve sat across from clients and had the CEO tell me in front of his management team that not having a backup in place for 3 or 4 days really concerns him. It is very uncomfortable even if we felt things were covered. We don’t want our clients to have to feel this and neither does pcit want to be involved in this type of conversation.

In fact, we’ve proven it and have restored over 4 million files in one case when called upon. Other times entire servers have been put up and working within hours in the event of a critical hardware failure or site outage.

pcit Data Safe. We got the product name from Myles and learned a lot about how it takes process and technology as well.

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