IT is my day job-lower my issues in half

PCIT services free up internal IT resources to make the biggest impact they can to an organization.

Managed Services – Unique Deliverables

Dedicated Resources just for Executive team engagement

PCIT understands one of the core differentiators and drivers to business results is technology. We’ve created unique assets to help a corporate board, Managing Partner, or CEO navigate the technology landscape.

Innovative Technologies -analyis and risk management

Business problems and new opportunities meet a disciplined program to evaluate the technology, the industry trend, and the security implications. Using a multi-faceted model PCIT brings unique insights to internal resources or an executive team. The goal is to make the best long term decisions and be accountable for the value created.

Managed Services – A proven approach

Proven methodologies to evaluate and implement technology help avoid the false assumption technology in itself can fix a business problem.

First Benchmark Current Performance

At pcit we partner with other Information Technology companies across North America to learn what defines the good, bad and the ugly. If we can help an Executive team identify the current status and compare that to their peer benchmarks everyone can start believing they are getting value for their technology spend. Once results are given a baseline level of performance a clear plan can be put in place to identify next steps.

Next Evaluate Emerging Technologies

As a Executive you know how difficult it is to weed through the large number of changes in the technology landscape and try to sift through which solutions will make it in the market, and which will be viable fits for your organization. pcit uses a multi-faceted evaluation approach to short list the key developments relative to the industry, strategic initiatives, and competitive position. So whether it’s Cloud, Virtualization, Big Data, mobile technologies, the Internet of Things, and more pcit helps you strategically plan which solutions to implement.

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Measure – Calibrate – Hit Targets

Once benchmarks are established and the right approach is in place the fun work begins!

PCIT can assist existing Information Technology resources or an Executive team to hit objectives faster.

To stay on target requires time proven methods to keep aligning the technology spend to the right needs.

Use the Big Secret to your advantage

Use the Big Secret to your advantage

How do some organizations have 150-200% the technology spend, more operations disruptions and more frustrated staff? They don’t leverage the Big Secret.
Project Accountability

Project Accountability

How much is this going to cost and what are we going to get for it? Every manager needs to be accountable for results. We get it and pcit Chief Information Officers provide clarity and accountability.
Cut Costs or increase revenue – what comes first?

Cut Costs or increase revenue – what comes first?

Do more with less by leveraging technology is a common theme but where do busy executives start? A systematic evaluation process examines the biggest productivity constraints and brings the most relevant technology developments to the Executive team’s review.
Measure security exposure

Measure security exposure

Give the rest of the management team some clarity on security risks. We create a realistic protection strategy by providing benchmark information including what is taking place across our client base. Know metrics like average spend per user and what you get for the money. When an Executive used to presenting to partners on security from Cisco meets with us and says he likes our approach we think we are on to something big.

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